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jeffrey stephens


To teach people how to create positive, lasting change through hypnosis.

Jeffrey stephens

Too many are asking why bad things happen to good people. Get over it. Bad things happen to people.

What matters is are you willing to take steps to make something good out of it. Learn to help those around you to live better and happier lives. Reach out to those you see who have needs you can meet.

You can't help every one, but if you help even one you can make a difference. Maybe you can help someone fix their car. Or fix someone a meal. Or just be there when they need someone to talk to.

I am a hypnotist. It is the tool I use to help people... to change lives for the better. I also teach others how to use this tool to reach out to even more people.

Maybe you are a doctor or a nurse. Or perhaps an electrician or a mechanic. Someone can use your help to stand up so they can also help others.

One person helping another person is better than a thousand philosophers worrying about why that person needs help to begin with.

Just my rant for the day. Carry on.

Geboren 15 mei 1959 - 27 dec 2014
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